Alisachni are the drops of the sea that spread in the air when the wave hits the rocks
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Alisachni art & wine gallery is a multi-space that combines the fine arts with the art of wine and the gastronomy of Greek cuisine. It is housed in a traditional 200-year-old building in the picturesque Megalochori including Small courtyards, 2 caves, a traditional house, an old cellar and a terrace overlooking the traditional Megalochori compose this complex.

In the gallery, the visitor will see paintings and sculptures by the painter Natassa Nikoletou, owner, who also houses her workshop, as well as many other Greek artists, sculptors, potters and painters.

You will also see Jewellery from Greek designers. There are paintings and sculptures scattered throughout the restaurant, where the visitor really enjoys the visual arts with the art of wine. Our oenologists will take you to the old cellar and help you choose the wine of your choice as well as help you match it with the right dish based on traditional Greek recipes.

In the cellar you can find not only the wines of Santorini but also all the Greek vineyard, small wineries from various parts of Greece that the owner and oenologist Alexandros Andrianopoulos has chosen, along with selected wines from around the world.

In this special place one can eat or enjoy a glass of wine, a wine-based cocktail, or can enjoy a wine tasting. The place is open from the morning offering Greek breakfast and until late at night.