Natassa Nikoletou Alisachni Art

Natassa Nikoletou was born in Athens.

She started painting and sculpting at 1987. Although she learned next to the sculptor Gripari, she describes herself as self created.

Her sculptures mostly are made of aluminium, bronze and a combination of the above materials on paintings.

She partisipated in a few group exhibitions not only in Greece but also international. She also had her own exhibitions in Nafplio at 2008 with topic "short journey", in Athens at 2010 with the "vehicle love" and in Acropolis area at 2018 with the "brightness dark".

Paintings and sculptures of hers decorate private collections in Greece and all over world.

At 2018 left the Acropolis area where she housed her gallery and moved to Santorini island, where she hosts not only her creations but also other Greek artists.